Stand Up Truck -  Unfinished

Stand Up Truck - Unfinished

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PRE - ORDER  - Open till 10-28- 20

Orders must be placed by this date to have included in this round. 

They measure 18x10 inches and come with the unfinished truck and stand.

Match the colors to match your home decor!

Pieces come unfinished for you to paint and glue at home.

NO paints, beads, twine, ribbons, or glue provided.

 If you are unsure how to paint them or are interested in joining a workshop to paint yours here, reach out to me.  I am planning on adding some dates for this!

Shipping or Local pick up available.

If interested in painting at a workshop - please visit the current schedule of available times.  Message me if you would like me to add a class that is not listed or if a class is closed due to sold spaces.  I will happily set up events for you.