Creative Clay Inspiration with IOD moulds and clay

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Creative Clay Inspiration with IOD moulds and clay.



I have been recently enjoying the use of the IOD moulds and clay.  I just uploaded some new IOD moulds to the online store, Steel Roots Market.


  I am loving the creative inspiration and process with the endless possibilities using these products. Just imagine the home decor and gifts you can create with these!


      The IOD moulds have a beautiful image and outcomes when used with clay or resin.  Think about jewelry, charms and decorating a piece of furniture.


They are even food-grade safe so could be used in that form as well.  Can you just see the fondant decorated cakes and cupcakes you could make?        





   Here I used clay and the trimmings mould to make a frame around this old piece of wood I had.  Next I will paint it and add a new design or imagine for a beautiful piece of art.  Check back to see the finished piece.

I am going to add lots of photos in this post so you can see all of the ideas that you can create by yourself at home.


***If interested in any of these products, you can visit at,  Steel Roots Market - craft supplies, home decor 




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