IOD Retiring Product List - January 2021

IOD has announced the current list for the retirement of there creative products.  Here at Steel Roots Market, we have some limited stock of these items and awaiting a shipment for more to add to our stock!
                       Get them now before they sell out!!  
 If you find any items we do not have in current stock, please reach out to me and I will do my best to get it in stock for you to purchase.   
The home decor and gifts you can create are beautiful and a fun experience to expand your artistic style to your home.   Make sure to follow Steel Roots Market to keep updated on new products being added and inspiration you can create at home. 




                              So now for some amazing inspiration !! 
All you need is some paints, a surface to create on - old desk, dresser, wood frame, a wall or anything you can find!!    




Check back for more inspiration and updates.   




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